I need a new power supply. Please can you help me

Hello, Ive just bought a new pc and i need to upgrade the power supply. im looking to spend as little as possible ive already gone over my budget.
the one i have at the moment is an Antec EA- 380D green
I also have-
Asus P7H55D-M EVO motherboard
Intel core i5 cpu 650 @ 3.20GHz
4GB ram
and i just got a Radeon HD5670 which ill be putting in when i get the power supply.
I dont know much about pc's so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. ^ The Antec EA 380 can even power HD 5750, unless you are planning to get a more powerful graphics card...
  2. you should get at least a power supply of 750 watts or more. but I would not overkill it with a 1000watt power supply. it really depends if you are crossfire it or not, how many hard drives, dvd/bluray drives and any other stuff that is added to the computer.
  3. gkay09 said:
    ^ The Antec EA 380 can even power HD 5750, unless you are planning to get a more powerful graphics card...

    ah can it its just when i did one of those online calcutators it said i needed more and on the graphics card box it says to have at least 400watt. I was also having problems with my pc crashing while playing graphical games and a friend put it down to the power supply
  4. My HDD Is Western Digital Caviar WD5000AAKS
    DVD R/W is H L Data storage model GSA-H73N

    I play wow mainly but also APB once i get the graphics card in and everything sorted out
  5. well now im even more confused lol can anyone recommend a power supply i cant spend much so one for as little as possible. i got confused when i tried to find one myself.
  6. ^ You are using HD 5670 as the graphics card and the Antec EA 380 as the PSU right?? Then am pretty certain it would suffice...
    The crashes might be because of old driver/ firmware...did you try updating the drivers, firmware and the bios??
  7. Yes to the 1st question and yes i updated drivers and bios but i may seem a bit of an idiot but what exactly is firmware? ill update that too unless i already have
  8. oh its ok i looked it up that would make sence as i mainly play online games thanks you've been very helpfull!!!
  9. i have a 400 watt with a 5750...
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