Need opinion on build

This is the first time im building my own rig.. ill be using for photo editing
movies and games.. dont want a high end just a decent one

these are the things i have in mind

intel i5 760
2 x 2gb ddr3 @ 1333

samsung P2250 monitor
not particular abt HDD any decent one..

im not sure about the motherboard.. i wont be
overclocking or SLI in future

im thinking of Intel DH55TC motherboard
(budget is 100$..maybe 30 more if i reallyyyy need to)

is this board good enough to support the above to its fullest?
or will it bottleneck?
how many fans would i need on case and how many watts PSU?

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  1. Hello, let me add that you'll have fun building your own PC.

    A few points to note:
    The GTX465 is dead now that the GTX460 is introduced. Don't get it.
    Samsung F3s are nice HDDs.

    Many people do not like the Intel boards as they are not very high quality.
    I'd say this board would be better: $70
    Note I'm only recomending this under the notion that you ARE NOT going to crossfire/SLI in the future.

    Now please beaware that Intel and AMD are releasing new processors. This makes it a badish time to buy a new computer but it shouldn't matter too much.

    *EDIT delete*

    Hope that helps.
  2. You haven't given us your budget, so that makes it very difficult to suggest components.

    Mobo : The Asus board that Punk linked looks good enough. Much more featured than that Intel one at a better price point. I don't have a particularly bad experience with Intel Mobos, but most people here will tell you that they're crap.

    Much Faster RAM : $97 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    HDD : $55 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3

    PSU : $45 OCZ Fatal1ty 550W

    GPU : $230 EVGA GTX 460 - comes with free Metro 2033.

    Technically, you won't need any case fans whatsoever, but they won't hurt either. This - COOLER MASTER HAF 912 - should be good enough for all your needs. It comes with 3 fans as standard and you wont have to worry 'bout buying any more. And don't waste your money on any aftermarket cooler either. When you'll need one, you'll know it.
  3. Go with the GTX 460 (I have the EVGA 1GB model, non-overclocked). You'll be ridiculously happy with it. Check the combo deals for the video cards; you'll get Just Cause 2 from Newegg and Metro 2033 from EVGA. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

    I agree with everything calhunkguy has posted.
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