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Hello everybody,

Recently my dad used my chiliGREEN external hard drive to save some of his files from his macbook onto it. After noticing that his macbook doesn't work with NTFS I looked online and found that downloading software was the simplest option to solve the problem. As this was a few months ago and the 30 Day Demo ended, my dad uninstalled the software thus we cannot remember its name, but upon doing some research we agreed it must have been either Tuxera or Paragon, although we think it was by a German software developer.

Anyway, now, a few months after using this software to successfully save files from my dad's macbook I tried to access the external HD on my Windows Vista Fujitsu PC and my Dell Windows 7 laptop and also on my dad's macbook, which did always use to recognise the ext. HD. Else none of my two Windows computers do not recognise the external HD at all, it is not under Disk Management either etc. I did try and follow simple advice online but I found nothing helpful specific to my problem.

Feel free to ask about additional information.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. for sure there's remnants of the software used to copy the files still on the mac - I would bring it to a Geek and have them show you how to find them, then you can simply download it again or pruchase it and use it from then forward

    unless the software used rewrote the MBR on the external drive, there's no reason it shouldn't still be accesible by the pc's

    have you checked to make sure it's spinning up and powered on?
  2. Thanks for getting back so quickly!

    So you are saying I could use the software (Paragon/Tuxera) to access the external HD and that this will also simply recognise the HD?
  3. And yes I have checked all that.
  4. samsam96 said:
    ...So you are saying I could use the software (Paragon/Tuxera) to access the external HD and that this will also simply recognise the HD?

    In a perfect world, yes - first make sure which software it was, then install it, and it SHOULD work

    if it doesn't then likely it could be a problem with the enclosure - but it would be coincidence to have crapped out all of a sudden. In that case, remove the drive from the enclosure and put it in your pc and see if the motherboard recognises it.
  5. Thank you for your help :-)

    I will try follow your advice tomorrow and report back to you afterwards!
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