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Motherboard Voltage Issues & BSOD

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August 3, 2011 3:10:28 PM

M4A78 Plus
AMD X2 250 Regor
Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 2Gb 1066 DDR2
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W
Windows 7 32 bit

Hi all, I've recently been experiencing BSODs in certain instances (generally under stress, but somewhat random) that have become increasingly frequent. Error codes are general, and sometimes different (e.g. 000000x00…. too fast to write down to tell you the truth). BSOD's occur anytime from 5 minutes to over several hours under stress.

After looking over specs, I've noticed some of my motherboard voltages are high, low, and downright strange.

I've numbered stats; values didn't change significantly from previous if they aren't listed under number

#1 - First Stats, Memory set to 533MHz (1066), 2.4V (Overvoltage), manually set to 5-5-5-15

Memory Controller (2.5V) : 2.08 (Speccy + Everest)
+3.3V : 3.34 (Speccy + Everest), 3.36 (BIOS)
+5V : 3.47 (Speccy + Everest), 4.9-5 (BIOS)
+12V : 12.9 (Speccy + Everest), 12.2 (BIOS)
-12V : -6.2 (Speccy)
-5V : -1.02 (Speccy)
+5V Standby : 0.03 (Everest)

#2 - Cleaned internals, replaced rails/cables

Memory Controller (2.5V) : 3.95 (Speccy + Everest)
-5V : -12.224
+5V Standby : 6.75 (Everest)
+5V High Threshold appeared (not present originally) with Speccy

#3 - Cleared CMOS

Memory Controller (2.5V) : 3.7 (Speccy + Everest)
+5V : 6.42 (Speccy + Everest)
+5V High Threshold : 5.027 (Speccy)

#4 – Set RAM frequency, voltage, and timings to Auto (I guess CMOS didn’t clear??); running at 800MHz, 5-5-5-18, tRC=24, CR=2T

Memory Controller (2.5V) : 3.952 (Speccy + Everest)
+5V High Threshold : 6.75 (Speccy)

#5 - Remembered Asus had sensor program, its stats are below (PC Probe II 1.04.75) (stats same in BIOS)

+3.3V : 3.36
+5V : 4.97
+12V : 12.22

3rd party programs may be giving incorrect values; I have better faith in Asus' program...but isn't it reading the same numbers from MB?

OK, so does anyone have any ideas as to why my voltages would change like this? I haven’t experienced any BSODs yet (only used for ~3hrs under medium stress) but I’m sort of assuming there is an underlying problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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August 4, 2011 1:28:00 PM

I append : Should I trust the #'s from MB software over third party software?