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Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my Machine, In the last year I brought the Acer Aspire M3641, When I attempt to play back 1080p on my 42” tv it starts jumping around(my tv does support 1080p btw)

My computer specs are
Processor: Intelcore 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Motherboard: MCP73PV /NVIDA MCP73
RAM: 4GB of DDR2
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7100

I haven't overclocked anything but may do later if needed, At the moment I’m after a compatible Graphics Card that can play back 1080p media flawlessly, I dont currently use my pc for gaming but plan on doing in future, My PC only has 2 VGA ports and one HDMI port, I recently brought a HD monitor so will need atleast one DVI port and one HDMI port for my tv (so I can run dual screens both in HD)

I would pick one out myself, but not sure how compatible graphic cards can be, Anything you can recommend would be appreciated.. If any of the above need to be upgraded (i.e motherboard) please let me know. I would be happy to spend around £100-£150.

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  1. Hate to double post but it wont let me edit my own posts yet and I missed out the power supply which is needed, Opened my PC and its
    Delta Electronics Inc
    Input 220-240V ~/3.15A 50Hz
    Output 250W Max

    Anyone got any opinions?
  2. for the money best you could get is a 5770, which is a pretty good gaming card, but you'll need to replace that psu if you want it to run.

    most you could run on that psu is maybe a 4650, more than enough for hd playback but crap for gaming
  3. That PSU is holding you back by a lot, especially since the power draw of the rest of your computer might already be a bit high. But if seamless playback is all you're looking for, there are a few options available even with only 250W. Your best bet is the HD5570:


    To play it safe, I would look at upgrading the PSU first before anything. If that's not an option, go ahead and pick up the HD5570.
  4. Okay no problem.. looks like I'll need a new PSU too, if I upgrade those two, will the other hardware still run smoothly or would they need upgrading too? Can you recommend two compatible items, I dont mind spending a bit more if the results come out nice and I wont have to upgrade again for a while.

    I think I'll be happy with a £200 upgrade so anything around that price point or cheaper.
  5. In that price range, a 5770 will be a good option.The remaining money will fetch you a good 450-500 W PSU.
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