Motherboard/Tower wire connections problems.

So since returning my motherboard back to get it exchanged I decide to use my old motherboard on my new case, but I'm having trouble of were to place my HDD LED, PW plus and Minus etc. switches. Now, the new motherboard had a long pin connector that had the plugs listed for easy use, but my old motherboard does not have that long plug in.

the MB came default with a compaq's MS -7525 ver 1.0 motherboard

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  1. if you google your mobo number, you should be able to find a manual with pinout instructions, I'd do it but I'm not 100% on your exact motherboard revision
  2. well, my google adventures hunt led me here. I can't seem to find the answer, was hoping someone on here knew.
  3. nvm got tired and just went ahead and took the power switch of my old case and placed it in my new case till i get my new motherboard. thanks anyway.
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