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Greetings from Europe!

I've been on the lookout for a new pc for gaming and streaming HD-movies and the like and I really would like it small sized. I have no problems in building the thing myself or buying a ready made box from a store, but I'd like to have some say in the price and the components of it so I'll probably end up building it myself.

I like gaming but I dont think I'll be needing any over the top-ish components. The budget is going to be around 700-1200€.

I know there's Shuttle as a manufacturer of smallform computers and I've been considering the SH55J2 Barebone (Can't post a link the proper page, damn their url...). If I were to order it, I'll propably have the following components but I dont know if the 300w psu can handle it all...

Core i5 660 (2x3.33GHz) Intel CPU
4 GB DDR3-1333 (2x2048 MB)
SATA 500GB Hard Disk Drive
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB

For a whopping grand total of €931.00 (Not including the display, going to buy something other than the one shuttle sells or a BlueRay-drive (as shuttle doesn't offer any for this barebone...)).

Are there any other manufacturers I should see to or am I better off (price-wise) by buying the components and the case and building it by myself? I will likely end up with components along that line if I build it myself: Two cored i5, 4GB of memory and a Graphics card like that one.

I've been out of the component-business for awhile now so I haven't cooked up any proper alternative for the Shuttle-build, so any help with that is most appriciated.
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  1. ^ Check out the Silverstone SUGO series...

    Mobo if going with mini ITX -
    Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3

    mATX - There are many options...

    CPU - I would rather suggest the true Quad i5 7xx instead of the i5 6xx series...

    PSU - If you go with the mATX Sugo mATX cases, they support standard ATX PSUs, so you can use even a high powered PSU - 500-600W - Modular would be the best option...
  2. ^ The i5 7XX is better though since it doesn't seem like much heavy multitasking or gaming is being done wouldn't an i3 530 be more thoughts

    I would recommend building it yourself...though I'm not specced up on what these "Shuttle" PCs are, just a case, PSU and motherboard?
  3. Checkout the Lian-Li PC-Q08 case too. It's mini-itx but has accomodations for a video card and takes "regular" size components. The Lian-Li PC-Q07 might also fit a video card.
  4. Oh, thanks for all the replys.

    Concerning gaming, I do play some. Mostly roleplaying and strategy games, like Civilization 4 (and 5, when it's released).

    I like the look of the Lian-Li q08 case, that's something I'm looking for. Minus the blue led in that fan, though :)

    Is there any reason (not to) go for a quad-core cpu? I think most of the games don't have a proper, or any, support for four cores. Is there any added benefit to HD-videos from the two extra cores? If there's not, is there any reason to get one besides "future proofing my build"?
  5. ^ More and more games are making use of the available cores, also for encoding/ decoding Quads are better suited...
  6. Many games already have support for 4 cores. See below for the large impact in performance for BFBC2 and FC2 when cores are disabled. These are the most sensitive examples by the way and most others aren't as affected.,3.html

    What graphics card are you going to be running? You could always grab a Phenom II X2 and have a go at unlocking the cores as the X4 may not be strictly required.
  7. If you have the budget, there's no reason NOT to go quad-core.

    The reviews on the PC-Q08 agree about the LED fan. It sounds like it's easily replaced.
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