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Hello, wondering if anyone could help me.

So I have 3x 500GB hard drives (all nearly halfway full) that I would like to put them all into one external hard drive bay enclosure. Within the hard drive bay enclosure, I would like to access my hard drives via eSata and with each hard drive showing up as a drive (F, G, H etc.) in Windows.

I have read a little about RAID (still don't really understand) and I do not think that is what I would like to have since I don't want the redundant storage and risk having the entire array fail with one hard drive failing. It also seems like I would have to wipe all data on the drive before I array as RAID. Also, if I have 1.5GB of total space, i would like to have 1.5GB of potential data.

I think what I would want is an external hard drive bay enclosure with JBOD configuration, where I think each disk will read separately in Windows.

So, knowing my case, are all of the following products right for me? Also, do you have any additional suggestions?

I also think this might work for me even though it is an internal one:

Lastly, I have a separate question but still related to the topic,. I have a Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H motherboard. A few of the enclosure required that my motherboard support port replicators. Does my motherboard meet that requirement?

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!
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    I would go with either the third one ( ) since it does what you want and is only $70 AR right now. And it includes a free controller card, unfortunately it is a USB 3 card and not an eSATA card, which you will need since your board lacks a rear panel eSATA port. You would thus also need an eSATA card that supports port multiplier, like this one:

    My other choice would be the IcyDock if your case has the room, as it will directly use your SATA connectors on the motherboard.
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention that I already have an eSata controller card. I bought this from bestbuy a few years ago in 2010.

    I don't think it has port multiplier though. Is there a way that I can check if it does?
  3. Either try to look it up on the Internet or just try it -- if it works it does, if not it doesn't.

    I suspect that it might as it has a Silicon Image 3132 chip, like the SYBA that I linked.
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