I Need Your Help !!!

I am planning to get 5850 ..I am not overclocking ...not using more than 1440 resulation & dont want to Crossfire ...now please tell me
1.will it work fine on my current GA P31 DS3L Motherboard ?
2.which is recomended power supply for this card ?

My system is:
Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz E2160 installed on GA P31 DS3L S3 Mobo with 4GB 800Mhz ddr2 ram & 430 powersupply ....Brand is GreenPower Model:ATX12V Ver2.0 Dual Line +12V ... Which Hardwares should be UPGARDED to 5850 work fine on my PC ?
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  1. that motherboard will have no problem with the 5850 but you may need a new power supply, you want at least a good quality 500-watt power supply with a high amp value on the 12v rail. Good power supply brands are seasonic, Corsair, Antec. Also, that CPU will be able to handle the 5850 but it will not push it to its fullest potential. You will need to either overclock that CPU or get a beter one like an E8400 (that is if the E8400 will work in that motherboard) I would suggest getting a CPU support list for that motherboard.
  2. My Motherboard Supports Multi Processors ... Even Quad Core ...but i am not sure it will fully support's Q9400 OR NOT ... E8400 is good but ....Q9400 is Great !! So how do i get a CPU support list ? should i get it from a site ?? Thanks for your advice it realy helped me to solve my decision !
  3. it will be on the website under support for ... nevermind, here's the link!


  4. As i saw Q9400 in the list ..it means that my mobo fully support it ....or not ? if yes so will it run great on my Mobo or will have a lot of problems ? i saw in youtube that some one was playin GTA IV with GA P31 DS3L [My Mobo Kind ] wiht Q9550 .. so it seem that mobo realy can support it !! what do you think ?? ;)
  5. from what i can see, it will support basically any core 2 duo or core 2 quad, may require a BIOS upgrade though. I would update to the latest BIOS and then you should be good for the CPU of your choice.

    You will definitely need a better power supply of at least 500-watts or better. My suggestion would be at least a Corsair TX650, it is a great power supply and will last you quite some time, even if you choose to crossfire another 5850.
  6. Thanks A lot my Friend .. & the Last thing that i want to say is ...How to update my bios ..& how it will help me to run Quad core fine ....? are you realy saying that i can run it fine on my mobo ?!! thats great ..Any way thanks a lot for helping me :D :hello: OH ... what do you think about GREEN - GP785B & GREEN - GP885B are they better than what youve suggested me !? :p
  7. there should be a download for the BIOS updater on the Gigabyte website.

    As for the Green-series Power supplies i am not sure. Other good brands are as follows:

    PC Power & Cooling
  8. jonpaul37 said:
    there should be a download for the BIOS updater on the Gigabyte website.

    As for the Green-series Power supplies i am not sure. Other good brands are as follows:

    PC Power & Cooling

    You Gave me the Best Answers Till now .. Thanks a lot my friend :hello: :D i will go for Crosair as you say !
  9. Can u suggest me a Best brands of ATI cards .. give me top 3 brands
  10. ASUS

    ASUS & MSI allow for overclocking and support in under their warranty.
    Sapphire has a great warranty and great customer service.
  11. I like ASUS but somany say it burns & breaks so soon after useing .. i am in IRAN ... & i am not sure that MSI or Asus That u use there is Same i use here ... i am not IRANIAN ... but i am livin here ... WHAT do you think about GIGABYTE ? it hs highest price in here & AS same as ASUS cards .... please tell me its good or bad & why it is .. ??
  12. Gigabyte is another good brand you will be safe with Gigabyte.
  13. Why someones telling me you mayhave a SPACE problem with GA p31 DS3L Mobo if you get 5850 ! ... my mobo is 8.5 long as the say ...& 5850 is 9.5 long ...so how can it work fine on my MOBO ? PLEASE EXPLAIN me
  14. all your motherboard needs to fit the 5850 is a PCI-Express x16 slot (which it does), so you are all set there. It is the size of your case that will matter. What case do you have?
  15. I have { Porsche } now ...& it seem to be a Big case ... if it handles my 9600 so little longer VGA wouldnt be big problem ... some said that the problem is power CABLE ... what do you need to know to help me more about this ?
  16. if you get the Corsair Power Supply i had mentioned, it will have the 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors necessary to power the 5850.
  17. yes ...it is just a report for accpeting that corsair is good for 5850 or you saying that dont have something .. or i have problem ???
  18. My Case is 17.32 Inches {44 CM } Long 7.87 {20CM} Wide from front & rear & 18.89inches {48CM }Wide from Sides ...Sides removable Covers I mean ...SO NOW WHAT ...WILL it help you to know if 5850 fits or not ???
  19. it may be better to list what case you have, perhaps a model number or brand or both

    As for the power supply, you will be fine, that power supply is perfect for the 5850
  20. You Told me that GA P31 DS3L wiht 4 GB RAM DDr2 800 MHZ is fine for 5850 & i believe it ... but why shopkeepers still saying your mother board cant provide all 5850 needs .. please explain me ..its not about matching with my MOBO its about run fast & great ..
  21. you can take their word for it if you like but i have been enthusiastically building PC's for years and i know for a fact that your motherboard with a Q9550 and 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM will handle a 5850 just fine.

    If there is Anyone else that reads this, please chime in...
  22. OK now i am sure about what youve said for 100% THANKS A LOT .. They Care About theire Money i think ...thats why they want me to buy much more than a 5850 .. THANKs A LOT MY Friend
  23. CPU SUPPORT LIST means that each CPU that is supported by my MOBO ...Will work GREAT !!! on my Motherboard ???
  24. Yes, bit it may require a BIOS update, there should be a download for the BIOS updater on the Gigabyte website.
  25. Yes yes i download it ...but i keep till get Q9400 & i will FLASH MY BIOS { UPDATE IT } Thanks a lot ...
  26. you bet, when you get all the new items and build your new PC, feel free to Private Message me if you have any questions or post back on this thread...
  27. Quote:
    Kick those assholes shopkeeper in there ass.my 5850 runs perfectly with q9550 and 4gb of ddr2 800mhz ram.

    I think what he meant was that the shopkeepers were saying that the 5850 would have problems on his motherboard which is a GA P31 DS3L, which is of course a false statement..
  28. Quote:
    Kick those assholes shopkeeper in there ass.my 5850 runs perfectly with q9550 and 4gb of ddr2 800mhz ram.

    Great to hear that ..now i am sure about it ....What kind of motherboard do you USE now ? mine is GA P31 DS3L .. whats yours ?
  29. I will go for 5850 & Q9400 without any change of RAM MOBO & HDD ... But PSU should be change & as JONPAUL37 { my friend who helped me } saying Corsair is very good Brand & 680 Would be enough for those Monsters !!!
  30. Dont you thinkits becasue of your mobo that 5850 works fine ... oh butaway ..that motherboard should be ddr 2 becasue ur using ddr 2 RAMS just like Me ... & it does matter that PCI Slot 16.. be 2.0 or 1.0 ? Jonpaul37 Told me my mobo is fine it just need 1 PCI slot so what is PCI 16 2.0 ??? it should be 2.0 ...? how do i know what is mine ??
  31. no need, it can be 1.0 or 2.0, it will work with both as it is backwards compatible
  32. Quote:
    Urs is pci express16x1.0.It will work fine with 5850.Performance hit will be marginal maybe 1 to 5 percent depending upon games.

    I am PLAYING GAMES LIKE ARMA 2 CRYSIS & GTA IV .. performance hits will be more than 5% on such heavy games ? is even 5% effects on games SPEED ?? SIMPLY TELL ME WILL I ENJOY OF PLAYING DOES GAMES [ with 1440 REZ & Highest SETINGS ] SMOOTHLY WITH no LAGS with 5850 & Q9400 Installed on MY MOBO :bounce: ??

    Jonpaul37 i raly believe in what your saying ... these questions come from my :fou: SICK behavior that always whants to make sure about something 100 times ... its my last question ...please forgive me ..& thanks a lot ! :hello:
  33. What do i should do to solve that Little LAGing problem ??? is it deppending on my MOTHERBOARD ...??? or its something ELSE ??? JUST TELL me what whould i do ?
  34. In Crysis i turn off Antialising .. IN GTA View Distance & such things will be seted on Medium ..& in arma 2 too all on Higest but Distance i switch it low-medium ....No WHAT ?? Will i have that *** LAGING Problem ...FIRST ANSWER MY FIRST Question & after that simply reply the second !! please just dont stop answering !!!
  35. OK Thanks ...... YOU DIDNT ANSWER THIS QUESTION ....IS IT DEPPENDING ON MY MOTHERBOARD ...i mean the LAging problem deppends on my motherboard ?????? if you dont understand i can give you more detail !
  36. Oh thats great ... but why Crysis should Lag on the powerfull VGA Like 5850 & High-End CPU Like Q9400 Quad Core [ that already supported by my MOBO ] ... Crysis speed on my 9600 is about 85% or more ... Arma 2 too .... so why they cant change into 100% on those Great hardwares ? PLEASE DONT GET ANGRY OF ME ...i realy want to know every thing !!!
  37. Oh But 5850 is Realy power full VGA & it CAN Force Crysis to RUN in fastest & Best condition ... I have seen in youtubes my self that how q9400 & 5770 { not 5850 } handle the GTA IV & Crysis ...Splinter Cell Convection too ... believe me its realy powerfull VGA ..... Thanks ... i will go for 5850 & Q9400 without any chnages of hardwares i mean other hardwares .. BUT PSU that needed for 5850 & Q9400 to work fast & fine ...
  38. How much will you rate this SYSTEM ... its mine { some parts in future } GA P31 DS3L with Q9400 CPU & 4GB ddr2 800 MHZ Ram ..320 HDD {never mind } & 680 Watt Corsair PSU with ATI 5850 HD 1GB VGA CARD ?? is this good system ..if my mobo is fine ..so RAMS are too & if they Can support Q9400 & higher { as i saw in list } so it SHOULD BE GREAT SYSTEM !! What do you think ...is it have any bad hardware that should be change or i am ALL SET for having fun of GREAT GAMING ?
  39. that machine should do great for gaming, i had an intel Q6600 & 4GB of RAM and 5870 and it was a great gaming machine.
  40. Thanks a Lot ..can you say what your RAM model is { i mean its ddr 2 or 3 } ....... 5850 & q9400 with that high PSU are great ... if you want to rate my Mobo ! how much do u will rate it from % ...is it suitable for Gaming ...you told me its fine { FINE MEANS just can handle it or it means that it will let 5850 & Q9400 Work with theire whole speed } ? Thank you
  41. I have G.Skill DDR2-800 RAM, same as you.

    As far as motherboards go... They do not traditionally get rated based on performance, typically motherboards are rated for the features & options and overclockability.

    Your motherboard is great for overclocking, has ok features and options. In the end, it will more than do the job for what you are trying to accomplish.

    An example of a motherboard that has more features and good overclocking potential is the ASUS P5Q Pro
  42. So your saying Performance of VGA cards & CPUS doesnt Consern to the Motherboard ... PSU is what they need ...sorry can you tell me the PSU Model Again { that you told me Befor } as i remember it was Corsair ... Anyway thanks now I am Relax & dont worry about my MOBO Any more .. My Motherwas right i should listen to anyone BUT shopkeepres .
  43. the motherboard acts as an interface that makes the CPU/RAM/Video card work together. The power supply powers all of those components.

    The CPU and video card and RAM are what gives performance and yours is all good...

    The power Supply i suggested before is:
    Corsair TX650
  44. Quote:
    Jonpaul37 its me SAMIK SAMIK i dont know why wheni am trying to open my recent Massages with SAMIKSAMIK profile it gives me following error } you are baned for this BOARD ... why that happens to me ... i didnt do anything wrong ..please tell me what i can do & butaway tell me why someones say ATI drivers are so bad ??

    You were banned for spamming the forum asking for help with pirated software and as you have now taken to trolling you may find another holiday happening to your new account.
  45. pirating software = bad, asking for help on a public forum in regards to pirated software = badder...
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