I just picked out the parts for my first gaming computer. Any advice?

First time I've ever built one. Does anybody know if all of these parts will work together and if it will be stable? How high do you think I can overclock the gpu and cpu?


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  1. Nice rig! The only things I do not like are the PCI slot fans better case fans can be installed in the HAF932 case if need be. Then again apart from the great combo price I would select Corsair, Antec or Seasonic PSU before Cooler Master.
  2. That is nice.
  3. The monitor choice is kind of lame.... your rig will be capable of much more than 1080p. Get a monitor that supports at least 1920x1200 instead of 1920x1080. Check out the ASUS VW266H... 25.5" and $278 at amazon.
  4. For 278$ on a monitor there's no way I wouldn't be going IPS/120hz.

    If you could link specific parts I would probably give you some specific replacements, I CBA to look up everything, but in general that ripjaws kit is blue and therefore high-voltage.
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