BEST ATI and Nvidia (phys+ cuda) Combination

Hi Guyz...
i am going to built a new rig and have learned that u can now put ATI card for renederind and Nvidia as Physx.... Now i want to know which is the best combination to put into the rig???
Some known combinations are 5870+8800gts , 5870+9800gtx, 5870+gts 250, 5870+gtx260.
i already have GTS 250 1GB but i wondering that i should buy a card like 9800gtx or gtx 216 since both's waterblock are available and i could not find waterblock for gts 250.... And let me know in this combination could i avail the CUDA feature???
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  1. Hello
    There is no need for anything faster than a GTS 250 if you are going to use it as a PhysX card, so i would say go with 5870/GTS 250 combination
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