PSU problem :S

Well, as I was moving my computer to my living room, I plugged it in, and, as I set to press the I/O button, I accidentally pressed the voltage button 115/230 and then I heard a click, and a faint smell of burning. My entire flat's electrics went out, and after restoring, my PC would not start. I have tried turning it on/off, nothing happened.

My PSU, according to the handbook, has the following "protections".

Output protection

Over voltage protection

Short circuit protection

Over current protection

Input over-current protection

I know I have f****** something up, but I hope that it isn't fatal to the rest of my components, as the power supply wasn't as expensive as my brand new GPU, which, luckily I have 28 day warranty on, so if it is broken, it's ok.

I'm such a t*** by doing this, I know, I am quite possibly the clumsiest guy in the world, but I would appreciate any help I can get.


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  1. Update- old PSU plugged in, everything seems to be working, fans spinning on GPU and CPU. However, when plugged into monitor, nothing comes up :O
  2. Since I am no PSU expert, I think I may have failed to properly connect my hard drive, as it says there is no boot device selected when I start up. The monitor previously not displaying was due to an underpowered graphics card, which I then switched to motherboard graphics, and the monitor starting displaying "Select boot device" showing nothing below.

    Help, please!
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