Plz hlp with memory.

Hi everyone, I have problems with my new pc. After I build it, everything was fine, for one week. Then when I was looking movie I got blue screen. When I restarted my pc blue screen apiers again. When I tried to reinstall win 7 in a middle of installation I was getting errors and same blue screen. When I tooked 1 ram slot out, then I could reinstall and load windows. So now I don’t know is it Ram, Motherboard, Bios problems?
Bios type AMI Version 0602.
MB ASUS|P8H61-M (REV 3.0) H61 1155
CPU INTEL|CORE I5 2400 3.1G 6M R
HDD 1.5T|ST ST1500DL003 5.9K %
Plz help..
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  1. If you took the RAM out and things started working fine, the it is probably faulty RAM.

    If you want to be sure, then I would say checking the memory for errors is a good place to start. Try memtest86.
  2. I just tested with Memtest86, and it did not find any errors. Any ideas?
  3. You ran memtest on both modules and it came back with no errors? Huh.

    Did you try putting the good module (the one that still works without the blue screens) in the other slot? Maybe one of the slots is messed up.

    Also, you stated that you were getting blue screens. What did they say?
  4. Hi, yes I changed input, when I fought that I found the bad one RAM. So I tried to put good one in other, and was fine. After memtest86 from the morning with both RAMs computer was OK, just know in the evening I got the blue screen again. Dump of physical memory. They recommended to disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing . Well I was looking for such a things but I could not find it. From the beginning BIOS automatically is setting the CPU and RAM Hz, so I was not doing anything with BIOS at all. I don’t know is it important or not but I am running 32 bits Win7, with 2x2GB RAM. In the motherboard book they not recommended to put more then 3GB of RAM if it runs on 32Bits Win7..
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