SATA drive not recognized Win 7

Hello, I've been building a new system from the ground up (motherboard, memory, etc) and installing Win7 on a new SATA drive. All of this has been completed, sucessfully, and everything's working as expected and intended.

At this point I have removed the SATA drive from my old system and installed it into the new system. This drive was used exclusively for data in the old system.

Windows 7 absolutely refuses to see this new drive AT ALL. It does not appear in the "My Computer" display. It does not show in the "Disk Management" panel of the MMC console.

I have run the SATA cable to each of the unused 5 SATA ports on the new motherboard, no changes. I have changed the SATA cable and tried THAT one in each SATA port. No changes.

Of note/interest: The BIOS sees both drives .. the new SATA w/ Windows 7 on it, and the old drive. A utility I've used in the past ... SPECCY ... sees both drives. This utility runs under the OS ... it's not usable to the best of my knowledge without the OS being up.

I've put the drive back into the OLD machine, everything works fine.

Has anyone seen or heard of something like this, and if so do you have any suggestions for a resolution or additional sources of help?

Thanks in advance ... Phil Z
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  1. Can you see the problem drive in the listed drives if you open the command prompt box and type:

    list disk
  2. Yes, I can see it there.

    Disk 0 "Foreign" 465GB Free 0 Dyn *
    Disk 1 "Online" 465GB Free 0 Dyn blank

    Judging from this, Disk 1 is the boot drive, I'm assuming and Disk 0 is the problem child. I've never seen/heard of a status "foreign" before. I look forward to what you think after this.

    Thanks ... and Merry Christmas by the wa
  3. Yeah, that happens when you move a dynamic disk to a new machine, one of the downsides of using dynamic disks. I haven't done it for a while, but you usually can import the foreign disk and then use it on that machine. It is a bit trickier when you cannot see it other than in diskpart.

    I would try to "convert" it to a basic disk using diskpart, if you don't need the data. Here is a good compendium of diskpart commands:
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