Computer incredibly slow

I recently got this system for $200 and thought it were a pretty good deal.

ASUS Crosshair motherboard (590sli - older chipset but supports phenoms)
4GB Corsair xms2 ddr2-800
athlon x2 5200+ windsor 90nm o/c'd to 3.1ghz
550w mushkin sli capable power supply
32gb pqi ssd

I also recently bought a gtx460 768mb open box for $142 shipped on newegg

I'm coming from
c2q q600 @ 3.0ghz
4gb curcial ballistix

since then my 3dmark06 scores have gone down about 2500ish points, and my games are performing like crapola. I know this cpu is bottlenecking me a lot, but I shouldn't be dipping down into the teens in L4D2 regardless of settings. I haven't had an AMD system since my athlon 64 3500+ single core back in like 03 or 04, but I know the athlon x2's aren't this slow.

My idea was to buy the $75 open box phenom BE 9850 @ 2.5 and overclock it to 3.0. It'll still be slow than my q6600, but with selling my old system, and buying this one on the cheap I will end up having a phenom oc'd to 3.0, same specs everything else, but a gtx460 rather than the 4850.

Just Cause 2 is barely playable on any settings, l4d2 dips inot the teens and 20's, mafia 2 was practically unplayable. I've ran hw test after hw test, stress test after stress test, should I bother upgrading the cpu here, or is there someone else off here?

yes I've reinstalled 3 times before anyone asks.
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  1. tiger131 said:
    I recently got this system for $200 and thought it were a pretty good deal.

    athlon x2 5200+ windsor 90nm o/c'd to 3.1ghz

    I'm coming from
    c2q q600 @ 3.0ghz

    ... should I bother upgrading the cpu here, or is there someone else off here?
    I hope this is a joke, right? Or I actually hope I'm reading this wrong.

    You seriously went from a Q6600 to an Athlon 5200? Please tell me it ain't so!!!

    Here's the deal - If you've still got your Q6600 system, keep it. It'll rape this stupid Athlon thingy anyday. With the new Video card that you've got, it'll be a really good system for gaming & you won't have to worry 'bout upgrading any time soon. If however you do wanna upgrade the processor, get a Quad listed on this page that suits your budget.
  2. The q6600 is a far better CPU than an Athlon 64 or old Phenom 9850. A Phenom II 955/965 in an AM3 motherboard might be a reasonable choice, but what you are talking about is going backwards.
  3. Cool, thanks for answering my question!

    I realize this is a step back....
    The point is I bought this system b/c it had a case I really wanted, better cooler, and I ended up making a few hundred on the deal in the end. Looking at gaming specs, the phenom i is only 5-7% slower on avg compared to the q6600 at comparable clockspeeds. So, with the money saved, I was planning on buying a phenom be 9850 for $75, and i already bought the gtx460 768mb for under $150, and I still put another $50 in my pocket.

    With the slightly slower processor but a GPU that's far more capable, I should be able to game at 1920x1440 in most games other than like Just Cause 2 which wasn't available with the 4850 other than reducing quality settings or on older/less intense games like left 4 dead. I don't however want to buy a cpu if I'm looking at other issues like a motherboard issue or memory issues. Plus like I said, there were some components I really wanted in this other system which were worth it as well.

    I'm not upgrading chipset until I can just go all out for an lg 1156, which just isn't in my budget right now.
  4. And to add there isn't much of an upgrade path for my lga775 setup - I could get a better proc with more cache and faster overclock, but for another $200? meh - better off putting that towards a new build. Overall my main goal is just to get as many FPS in games as I can, and a slower proc (even 10% slower) but a much faster videocard (on avg 25-50% faster) should easily make up, and should kill my old system especially at higher resolutions. Most procs are fast enough now a days where OS use is pretty much instant.
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  6. Why the bump? I dont see anything in your last two posts asking for a response.
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