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I have 2 Sapphire 4850's in crossfire. I was wondering which output I should use. I have vga, dvi, and hdmi. I was always told to use the one closest to the motherboard which would be dvi. Is there a benefit over using hdmi instead of dvi?
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  1. dvi and hdmi have the same video quality
  2. Yea I know that but I was just wondering if what some people told me was true? The output closest to the motherboard is what should be using. I have been using DVI this entire time since it is the closest to the motherboard.
  3. i dont really think it matters which output you use as long as you are connected to the primary (top) card
  4. Thats what I was saying but I was told to not use vga because I would lose like 18% of my performance. Not sure what the correct answer is.
  5. vga won't affect performance, but you might see your image quality go down a bit

    IMO just stick with dvi or hdmi
  6. Roger that will do thanks alot btw. Figured it didnt matter but still wanted to know.
  7. ^ agreed.

    DVI and HDMI are very very similar, either will be fine.

    VGA is of a lower quality tho.

    For crossfire, you have to use outputs on the top, or "master" card.

    As for the "closest to the motherboard" that doesn't really make any sense. Graphics cards are full of complex circuitry and no signal will go direct from mobo to output, but even if it did, the signal quality wouldn't really be affect. At most the only thing that would change is the time it takes for the signal to pass through the circuits, but even then were talking nanosecons or maybe less, maybe picoseconds. Regardless, it's a silly thing to consider.
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