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I'm currently running a raid 0 set up without a control card. I was looking into getting one but never really looked into them before so i don't know whats good and whats not. My current sep up:
Corsair c70 vengence case
corsair 120mm case fansx2
Antec h20 920 water cooling
Asus sabertooth z77 mother board
Intel i7 3770k
case fans x3
corsair vengence RAM 24gb
Corsair Ram cooling fans cmxaf1
Corsair 140mm case fans x2
Corsair 1200w power supply
Intel 60GB ssd & Corsair 60GB ssd in raid 0
Black caviar 2TB HDD
EVGA 2GB GTX 680 SC x2

What raid controller card would benefit me the most? I plan on only running raid 0 and I'm not wanting to spend $500 on one. I would be more comfortable with $100-200, maybe even $200-300 if the controller is really that much better. I would appreciate any help or advice that can be giving.
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    A dedicated RAID controller for a basic RAID 0 setup? You don't even need to buy one, the onboard controller will give you the same result.
  2. Then what would cause lag spikes when I play a game like diablo 3? I was told my raid could Be slowing my fps down.
  3. Lag spikes are normally related to network speeds, really HD should only come into play when loading new areas.
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