Debating my hard drive config - help plz

I have 4 hard drives and i am debating the confederation on it.

Two hard drives are segate 1TB 32mb 7200rpm barracuda
one velcoraptor (sp?) 150gb 16mb buffer 10000rpm
one OCZ 60GB SSD

I was orginally going to just make the SSD my operating system, the raptor my gaming HD and a seagate my storage. But then i found out i have 2 barracuda now.

So would i be better just getting rid of the raptor and just raiding the two seagates? or someone else have a better idea.

I am build it this weekend once my cpu arrives, thanks for looking

also i have never raid so it will be fun to learn
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  1. Dont RAID0 data drives. You increase the potential for having a problem destroy everything on both HDDs.

    Are the Seagates new 7200.12 models or are they older ones? If they are newer 7200.12s then use them , if not then use the raptor for games and the seagates for storage (still not RAID0).
  2. yes they are the 7200.12 new
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