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We have a small office staff of approximately 80 employees and we employ a file and print server that caters to user requests. We are now experiencing long waits to retrieve files from the server. Our network administrator states that this is occurring because the network is not functioning at performance levels. UUuum ok really and he also there were no major increase in the number of users or network configuration changes. This is not helping at all and delaying my work flow. Anybody have any ideas and solutions to why this could be happening? This is what happens when the CEO hires his younger brother…WOW Please help…=(
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  1. Hi Pretteyez2,

    This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing a lot more about it. It could be anything from the network configuration on the PCs changing to the server's NIC or hard drives going bad to corrupted packet flow from the routers to higher volume than you are aware of to a virus to ill conceived network topology to...

    With that said, I guess the first things I'd look at are:

    * can the problem be reproduced on command?
    * is at all day or only during a time frame?
    * is there any employee(s) who does NOT have this problem or has it much more infrequently than the general employee pool?
    * if only one employee connects to the server and all other don't does it still happen?
    * is the server a VM or actual hardware server?
    * what is the network activity for the average PC when not printing or grabbing a file?
    * are the office PCs downloading any new updates or patches?
    * how radically different, if at all, are the ping times from different office PCs to the server?
    * does it happen on every file or just really large ones? (is there the same wait on a 1kb text file as a 300MB iso)
    * when you browse the file share is it slow going from folder to folder and file to file or does the slowdown only happen on the file's retrieval?

    I'd be happy to try and help some more if you can answer those questions. I'd be worried though that, from my pessimistic view of the office I work in, that the network admin will ignore your input unless they have to or you they consider you an equal when speaking technically.

  2. Another issue could be a degraded NAS/SAN, or a they are rebuilding a drive in a failed array. It could be related to backups too, as they are intensive. Somtimes people antivirus software will scan mapped network drives slowing everything to a grinding halt.

    We have had these issues on our network ourselfs (I work in the helpdesk and do some networking) When we were rebuilding our SAN everything came to a halt pretty much for 8 hours, until it was finished. My guess would be a drive that keeps on dropping in and out of an array (failing drive), and so it keeps on trying to rebuild it.

    There probably isnt much you can do yourself except explain it to the CEO, as you probably dont have access to the servers and switches (or know how to configure them)
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