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Transfer windows medial files from Seagate external hardrive to new laptop

December 24, 2012 8:30:09 PM

I had backed up my Toshiba laptop hard drive (Windows XP) using a Seagate portable external hardrive.
I purchased a new Toshiba laptop, which is Windows 7.
What I want to do is to transfer only the Windows Media files from the Seagate (I think they are there since I backed up the hard drive) to Windows Media on the new laptop. I have tried several ways. I tried only transferring wmp files, I tried copying the Music files and then pasted them into the new laptop. I tried the Windows File transfer. So far, none of this has worked. It appears that the files are there; however, when you try to play any music it indicates some sort of problem. Is it because the original files were XP and I am now trying to copy to Windows 7?