Will GTX 465 Bottleneck on my cpu

Will GTX 465 Bottleneck on my cpu

amd pehnom black edition 9850x4
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  1. Not unless you try to play at really low graphic settings. If you aim for around 60fps or less (let's say 45 with a higher graphic setting) you shouldn't experince CPU bottlenecking other than in a few games with horrid multithreading. As an example, STALKER. I have an i5 750 and STALKER gets all sorts of points of lag when it has to load NPCs because it will max out one core but the other 3 are at 10-20% usage only. You can tell if it's a CPU bottleneck because if you check MSI Afterburner graphs, you'll see the FPS drop at the same places that the GPU usage drops. Essentially that means the CPU couldn't provide enough info for the GPUs to keep working and the FPS suffered.

    But anyway, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. @ OP, How many threads do you intend to start with your 465 questions? Just stick to the one please.
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