Files transferred from toshiba hard drive to windows 7 computer

I had backed up my Toshiba laptop hard drive (Windows XP) using a Seagate portable external hardrive.
I purchased a new Toshiba laptop, which is Windows 7.
What I want to do is to transfer only the Windows Media files from the Seagate (I think they are there since I backed up the hard drive) to Windows Media on the new laptop. I have tried several ways. I tried only transferring wmp files, I tried copying the Music files and then pasted them into the new laptop. I tried the Windows File transfer. So far, none of this has worked. It appears that the files are there; however, when you try to play any music it indicates some sort of problem. Is it because the original files were XP and I am now trying to copy to Windows 7?
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  1. What kind of problems? Copy problems? Opening problems?

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  2. Copying problems. How should I be doing this
  3. Ok. What is it telling you why they can't be copied?
  4. It doesn't tell me I can't copy the files. I plugged in the portable hard drive that had back up files from my Toshiba with Windows XP into my new Toshiba with Windows 7. When I tried to view the files off of the E drive, nothing made sense. I could not find the actual Windows Media files. Or maybe they were there, but I did not know how to read the files in there. I only want to copy those music files to the new Toshiba. Then, it seemed like it had actually copied the files to the new laptop without me even doing anything. I don't know why? BUT, it did not really work. When you tried to play a song, it gave a message of some sort saying files were missing or something. All of the albums looked like they had copie, but didn't really. I deleted them since they were useless. Did I miss a step of some sort? How do I find the Windows Media files on the portable drive? Or maybe they are not compatable?
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