I5&%) temperature / FSX build

Hey fell us, i need some help with my i5 750.

I built 3 monts ago, my new gaming rig, which is:

i5 750
wdc 1tb
4gbddr3 1600
lg dvd drive

and i bought recently another 2 coolermaster fans 200rpm

Well, the problem is , after i installed de sentey i was hoping for better performance but, no im just getting higher temperatures (65celcius) , and before with my 500w psu, i was getting 45celcius. Im thinking about changing the thermal paste, but im really ocnverned about this, beacuse i havent even overclocked it yet, and im hoping to do it whan i get my new cpu cooler.

PS: Tuis build i for fsx, if you can give me some advice about how to get better performance i'd really apreciatte it.
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  1. If that is 65C under load then its not too bad if its idle then its too hot.

    This should help you re-do your thermal paste, and give the heatsink and cpu and good clean.


    If you are planning to overclock you may need to improve your cpu cooler.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Of course it helps. Thanks a lot dude... :D
  3. If you are planning to overclock pick up OCCT, Prime95, HWmonitor, Coretemp and Realtemp.
    These will help you test for stability and monitor your temps.
    Run OCCT for an hour to test OC then for true stability P95 for 8hrs+

    Have you already brought a new cooler or still deciding, if so whats your budget?
  4. I already have the real temp and cpu z, i've been reading some articles about overclocking and i hadnt decided yet which program ill use to test it.

    Im hoping to get for christmas the Cooler master hyper 212, its the best thing i can get with less than 40$. Maybe if i get lucky ill buy the thermalright mux 120nm instead....

    What do you think about it???
  5. The Hyper 212+ seems to be one of the best budget coolers although its not the quietest when under pressure.

    You can switch the fans on it but if you are going to spend more on it then you'd be better off with -
    Noctua are very high quality and for $19 extra its worth it.

    I normally up my multiplier and run occt for 1hr and continue until it fails occt, this is when you will need to start increasing the cpu voltage one step at a time until it passes. Once you reach your max OC, i.e. you don't want to add anymore voltage (I never go past 1.5v)(keep you cpu under 70C while running occt) you can then double check your OC by running P95 for 8hrs+. This has always worked for me.

    You may find that a slight reduction in voltage will be a slightly lower OC but everything will be that much cooler, thats the OC I always look for, not the maxed out, high voltage burning up one. :fou:

    Just keep an eye on your temps and check as you go along. :D
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