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Basically, I'm building a new computer and I have all my components ready to go EXCEPT my OS. Currently, I only have XP laying around, but I'm getting a 64-bit 7 before long. I'd like to go ahead and put my computer together and use it but I'd rather not install XP on my new HDD just to turn around and put 7 on it in a month or so. I do, however, have my HDD from the Dell XPS 400 I've been using.

So, my question is: Can I just put the XPS HDD in the new build? Will it work if loaded with the proper mobo and CPU drivers beforehand? Will anything catastrophic happen if it doesn't work/I do this period?
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  1. you might get lucky and the os might boot and load the drivers you need a better chance if you can preload the new drivers. but if you change too much windows will have to be re registered. A short call to MS will fix it.
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