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Hi, Im living in Canada and I just ordered the "Gigabyte GeForce GTX 465 Fermi 607MHZ 1GB (3 Year Warranty)" video card for $275.26 (Including Tax) including an instant $70 off, not including the Mail In Rebate of $20, a free "Just Cause 2 (PC Game) Coupon for Digital Download" and free Express Shipping ($16 Value), do you guys think this is a better deal than buying a "EVGA GeForce GTX 460 Fermi 675MHZ 1GB (Lifetime Warranty)" for regular price of $292.64 (Including Tax & Including The $11.49 Ground Shipping) or a "Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 Fermi 715MHZ 1GB (3 Year Warranty)" for $280.78 (Including Tax & Including The $11.49 Ground Shipping). Please discuss :D
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  1. That coupon for the game... is that for %discount, $discount or fully free game?
    I'd go with 465.
  2. Yes, is a coupon to download the "Just Cause 2" game for free ;)
  3. No one thinks that this is a good deal?
  4. Well it seems like it is a good deal then, since there are no negative comments about the good deal that I got. :na:

    By the way my motherboard was bought in 2007 so I'm pretty sure it's a PCI-Express v1.0 x16 slot. :sweat:
  5. Can you give us links for those cards?
  6. If you were going to buy the game anyway then I guess that makes up for the hotter/more power hungry card but I would have gone for the GTX 460 myself.
  7. By the way my favorite store was out of stock of all Fermi GTX 460's 1GB, Newegg Canada has them but is it costs $30+ more than the Fermi GTX 465 that I got on sale.

    Probably the GTX 460 1GB is not worth at least a minimum of $30 more for such little improvement over the GTX 465.
  8. Don't you say the price difference was $5 in the first post?
    Any way in case you didn't know there is a chance that you can unlock a GTX 465 into a GTX 470. Google it for more info. I think Asus even released a program that helps do so.
  9. Is actually a $25+ difference because Newegg is not giving a mail-in-rebate for the GTX 460 and no free game is included. (would come in slow international ground shipping).

    Probably that doesn`t really apply to Gigabytes version do, most likely Asus only.

    Edit: I just found out that the GTX 465 has already been shipped via Purolator Express. :D
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