Strange Problem! is my HDD.motherboard failing/failed?

I am facing a strange problem with my computer. It all started few weeks a go.. while operating windows, windows started freezing all of a sudden and resume after few minutes. While playing movies.. the movie stucks/hangs all of a sudden and speaker produces a strange noice.. trrrrrrrrrrrr and movie resumes itself and the problem repeats and sometime doesn't resume.. I had to restart my machine..

I thought there is some problem with my Windows so decided to re-install windows.. deleted all partitions, created new ones. and went ahead with the installations.. the first phase (blue screen setup)runs normally but when the 2nd phase starts (GUI) the real problem begins.. When the installation prompts for Name/Organization/Licence key.. i can;t enter the values properly. As soon as i type a repeats infinitely.. can't type anything properly.. is this is symptom of HDD failure.. or its already gone?

NOTE: before this problem started, i lost one Memory module (2GB DDR2) and one 1TB WD HDD (BIOS is not detecting the HDD)

RAM: 2GB+1GB DDR, 800MHz (It was 5GB before.. but since the 2GB module is gone its now only 3GB)

experts.. please help!!! :fou:
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  1. You may be dealing with multiple issues.

    Your initial problem sounds like a memory issue (freez-ups, and trrrr sound)...just from personal experience.

    Your other problem could be a couple things.
    1) Keyboard - Take the same keyboard and try plugging it into ps2 port or usb port (use ps2/usb adaptor). I've had strange issues with this before; could be a bad port on your MB. And...try a different keyboard (wired if possible).
    2) Windows Disk - If you're able to, try loading it with a different disk.
    3) RAM Settings - Read MB and memory documentation and find out appropriate frequency and timings for your ram. Also, I'd read some reviews to see if people had problems with ram settings, or had better luck with non-default settings.
    4) BIOS - Make sure its up to date. Could solve a ram compatibility issue if there is one. AND why not clear your CMOS if nothing else works.

    Hope this helps
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