WD 1TB sata drive causing windows to crash

Get blue screen at random times with message

missed processor clock interrupt

after installing a 1TB WD Sata drive in HP Pavilion Desktop with original Seagte 500GB drive

Wondering if it's a slight timing iccus between CPU and new HD

Installed HD out of package with default COnfig (i.e. no jumpers moved on HD).

Get system freeze or blue screen at least 1x per day

Really annoying...
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    These are the standard causes of that error; BIOS bug, driver conflict or error, hardware defect (temperature, voltage, dust...). Since this is a new HDD, I'm thinking you can try these things; 1) check all connections on the motherboard and to the drives ensuring they are firmly in place, 2) try a different SATA connection on the motherboard (if available) or, 3) update drivers.
    If that does not take care of the issue, you can go into BIOS and check your settings there but try the three things listed first.
    Hope it helps
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