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Missing files transfered in Ubuntu

December 24, 2012 9:20:51 PM

So, heres the story. I got a new motherboard for my build, so I wanted to have windows in a clean install. Since I had already gotten rid of my old motherboard and was running Windows 7 OEM on my drive, it wouldn't boot with the new configuration. I had two hard drives in my case, one with 1TB (the boot drive) and one with 2TB. I downloaded a live distro of Ubuntu and copyed all the files and folders from the boot drive onto my other drive. I checked in Ubuntu, and all the files had transfered. I then went ahead and installed Windows 7 on the old boot drive, writing over all the other data that I had copyed already to the 2TB drive. Now in windows, when I look at the drive properties, it looks like its almost full (like I expected) but when you open it, theres only about 700GB of data in there. I had close to a terabyte of pictures on the boot drive, so I really need a way to get them back.