HDD partitioning

I'm so confused, I'm a computer noob.
I understand that you need atleast one partition on a hard drive, and each partition is like a "drawer or closet" but why wouldn't you just fit everything into one partition?
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  1. a small partition for the page file, some make a backup partition just in case of a windows crash where you have to format. but you can just use one partition windows 7 will create 2 partitions a windows partition and a small system reserve.
  2. I mean I understand making two partitions, one for the OS and programs, and one for storage, but really couldn't you just re-download everything if you weren't doing projects such as developing/art/schoolwork or something
  3. yeah you can just have 1 partition if thats what you want. I only have 1 partition I backup everything on an external
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