New GPU please help , thanks in advance

Hello, I am looking for a energy-efficient card , that means a card that can live with no power cables , and with a 300 watt psu,

I am currently running A GT 220 : a reference model , so it's not from a specific brand.

I know that the gt220 needs 300 wats , my power supply says continuous output shall not exceed 280 W

The funny thing is I'm able to run my GT 220 even heavily overclocked , so power is not a problem as long as it is in 300 watts ,

My system specs are:

4gb ddr2
GT220 500 500 1200 overclocked to 620 620 1500

280 watts {but is apparently able to handle 300 W cards even overclocked}

I am looking for a card that delivers good gaming performance , please give me multiple choices I don't care if it is a NVIDIA or ATI card

As long as it fits into the slot that my GT 220 fits in.

Please help me and thanks in advance.

machiel sterenborg,

PS. Budget is not a limitation
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  1. Well, today's ati and nvidia graphic cards need like 550w and so on. You should be able to find good performance cards in ati and nvidia but you will need to find another psu,probably with 450 watt coolermaster if you want overclocking and all that stuff.I recommend you should buy Ati HD 5000 series graphic cards from HISdigital if you are looking for good performance + graphics to run dx11 games if you are a enthusiast gamer, and they only cost 100-200 dollars, and also they run on pci express x16.
  2. I think you are near the top of what can be had without a pci express power cable:,2676-7.html

    The hierarchy shows where you are sitting now-
    The best card for low power requirements is the nVidia GT240. If you want a faster card, you'll have to update your PSU unfortunately.

    I'm not sure the GT240 is enough of a boost to be worth your time since you have a 220.
  3. The best card without extra power cable that you can get is GT240 or HD5670...
    And it much better than GT220. :)
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