Ex58-UD5 Upgrade Advice

Hi all - hopefully I have found the right forum.

I currently use a ex58-UD5 motherboard / 1336 i7 920 Bloomfield CPU

I apologize for what will seem like a pretty stupid question to most of you but.. What exactly do I gain from upgrading to one of the latest boards - A Z68 for example? As a gamer what can these new boards do for me that my current board cannot support?

I can find quite a bit of information on what these latest boards can do.. I just want to know what my current board cannot do in comparison for me to make a decision on if I should upgrade now or wait. Am I going to be creating my own bottleneck when considering any other upgrades such as a new graphics card or a SSD drive?

For reference I only really game on my PC. Thanks in advance.
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  1. You stand to gain little to nothing, In fact, you would lose the extra pci express lanes that 1366 provides, as well as the use of triple channel memory. Even though clock for clock, the sandy bridge beats out 1366, you get a lot more bells and whistles with that platform (and since you seem to have already dished out the dough) you are already plenty good where your at.
  2. Thanks for the advice :) just wondering if anyone else has any opinions on this at all?
  3. Last attempt for some more opinions before i let this thread die.
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