Trouble transferring data from old hard drive to new laptop

My old laptop with Windows Vista was recently bricked due to what I suspect is a burnt out GPU. Using this guide, I believe I can rule out a defective hard drive as the source of the problem. I am now attempting to use this adapter kit to salvage my data from the old hard drive and transfer it to my new laptop. My issue is that after the adapter is hooked up to the hard drive and powered on, when I go to plug the USB cable into my laptop Windows 7 does not detect anything. There is no notification of drivers being installed for new hardware, nor does anything show up under Device Manager.

I can rule out the USB ports on my laptop since I am able to connect my regular external hard drive to it. It also does not appear to be a power issue for the hard drive since all the lights on the adapter turn on and I can hear the hard drive spinning. The only thing that I suspect may be bad is the SATA link cable that connects the adapter to the hard drive, but having never used one before I don't know how often they fail to operate.

If it helps, the old hard drive is a Seagate Momentus 7200.2 and the laptop I'm trying to transfer the data over to is a Asus A54C.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  1. But you are sure that the drive works and that it didn't brick the old laptop because you connected it to?

    Is the switch on to the power line to the drive? If you've tried the other USB ports on the laptop, try attaching it to another machine to see if it works on another machine.

    Also, do any other or unknown devices show up in the device manager, if so follow this:
  2. The hard drive appeared to be operating correctly up until the day the old laptop died. When I originally went to troubleshoot the issue, I followed this this guide and removed the hard drive to rule it out. However, the laptop still refused to boot.

    The power supply to the hard drive appears to be fine as well and while it was plugged in I could hear it spinning. I have tried hooking it up to another computer as well with the same result.

    The only other thing that I could think of is that there might be a bad SATA link cable in the adapter kit. It's the one that connect the data port on the hard drive to the SATA to USB adapter (not sure what the technical term for it would be). However, having never messed with this before I don't know how often those cables go bad.
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