This may be nothing or may be something extreme, I have my processor running on auto settings and all but CPUz is reading the core speed at 800mhz at a 4.0x multiplier (its suppose to run at 15x multiplier with 3.0ghz) the voltage in cpuZ is jumping from 1.0 to 1.4 (when it goes from 800 to 3000 randomly) is this because of AMD CnQ lowering the voltage while not under stress? Or is my processor failing.
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    CnQ throttles the processor down to 800MHz when not under load. When you go to do something, it will go up.
  2. Ok because this is the first time i've read CPUz and it was under 3.0ghz usualy its always set to x15 and 3.0ghz no matter weather im idle or under load, so it's weird that just now its set lower.
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