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Sandy Bridge Upgrade Question


I am updating my rig with two GTX 580s and am planning on updating my CPU as well. I currently have an i7 920. I was thinking of getting one of the new Sandy Bridge cpus in Jan but I really want one of the enthusiast models that are being released in Q4 2011. I'm wondering if my i7 920 will cause a bottleneck with the new 580s.

My question is will the mainstream sandy bridge released in Jan offer enough of a performance boost over the 920 to justify buying it (as well as a new mobo) now and getting the enthusiast model later? Or should I just hang onto the good ol' 920 and wait till the 2011/1356 chipset and new performance SB's are released?

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Your i7, with a healthy overclock, will handle the GTX 580's just fine..
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    Your i7 is enough. Wait at least for Ivy Bridge (beyond is best). Anything less is a waste of money. Not worth the $400-$600 for a ~15%-25% CPU boost.
  3. Tweaktown has a good article on CPU vs. GPU scaling (in crossfire anyway). So the answer really depends on what games you run or foresee running, and how much faster those enthusiast Sandy's will be than your current 920. Some games like Dragon Age (and probably DA2 next April) favor a high-performance CPU. Others run fine on a dual or tri-core CPU.
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