Will this desktop handle the PowerColor radeon 4650?

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  1. There is no reason the 4650 wouldn't work... Although.
    For $40 more you can buy a MUCH faster video card.

    If you don't play games then I can understand the low end card but if you do play games I HIGHLY reccomend to spend the extra $40 for a much faster card.
  2. What about your Power Supply Unit? What is wattage?
    I assume you only has 300W or so...

    Well, if your PSU is just 300W then no way you can run HD4850 just like dark lord suggest above, it need 450W minimum...

    If you want to be safe, get this HD 5670:

    Do you need a low profile card? or normal card? makes sure it will fit into your case...
  3. If you have an budget of less than a 50$ then i will recommend the hd 4650 for you ...it's a great card for budget gamers ...and if you can spend more go for the hd 5670... it will be good enough for you...with dx 11 support...
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