Okay, I'm really really stuck.

Okay, so I've been trying to at least study all the information needed to find the right kind of power supply for my computer. I have a EVGA 9800GT graphics card that I've been dying to use, and the stock power supply in my computer won't allow it to be used, obviously.

I have a Dell StudioXPS 8100.
The Motherboard ID is this, as far as I know - DH57M01 YD0213

The wattage on the Stock power supply is 300w I know that much, and I believe it can underclock and use up to 350w? I don't know, that was confusing me.

Anyways, I need AT LEAST 450w of power to use my 9800GT, and I wanted to buy something that would also give my tower breathing room, like a 550w or a 600w Power Supply. If you guys can give me any information on what I need to do or what I can buy to use this, then please let me know. My dad thinks I'll half do it and not get the right components and end up blowing up my computer, and I've been reading a lot of your guys' forums. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. You cant overclock or under clock a psu, if thats what you were asking.
    Both the seasonic S12II 520 and the Antec BP550 are good choices.
  2. I didn't know what that meant, because a thread said they could use the 9800GT with a 350w Supply, which I obviously can't, because I've tried. Are those the best ones for the job? Or are there others as well? Thank you again for helping me
  3. A 350W PSU, provided from a good brand, in actual can handle a single 9800GT pretty fine.. But I won't blame you for not trusting an OEM PSU model.. Get a good 450 watt PSU.. You can go higher on the wattage rating depending on your budget and future requirements.. Corsair and Seasonic are the two top tier brands to choose from..
  4. and this thread is really really stuck in my new threads box :(
  5. Yeah, but doesn't it have to be compatible with my motherboard? What if I find a supply box, and then it doesn't work with my motherboard or something? How do I find which ones do work?
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    PSU's do not have a compatibility problem or fixed standards with motherboards in general.. It does not matter if you get the Corsair AX 1200 or CX 400.. Either of them will work fine on the same motherboard..
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