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i just got a new 3tb barracuda hard drive and i was wanting to do raid level 1 (mirror raid) with my 2tb barracuda hard drive, but i am unsure how. can i do this without a backup of all my data? i have 1tb of data on my hard drive right now, which i do not want to risk losing, and there is no way i can back up my data, since i only possess two hard drives, which i'm using during this process. i am also using windows 7 professional, if that is needed. then i would like to know how to make sure it is working correctly.
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  1. This video should help.

    Just be aware that by RAID 1'ing these drives will result in a total storage capacity of 2TB and you'l be limited in speed to the slowest drive.
  2. thank you. this video helped a lot. just one question. when i went to set it up, it said that i will lose all my data on the selected drives. is there a way i can do this and NOT lose my data? if not i can maybe ask my friend to borrow a hard drive or something to back up my data, but i need to know. thanks
  3. When you put the drives in RAID1, it should copy all the data off the current drive to the new one.

    That being said, backing it up on a different drive may be a good move. Would do that just to be safe.
  4. at 7:40 in the video it mentions that you will wipe all your data on your drive when you create a raid array. i was just wondering if there was an alternative way. i'll just back up all my data first before messing with this for now. thanks for the help :) merry christmas! :D
  5. Oh, now I see it.
    If one of the drives were to fail while in the array, you can just throw another in and it will copy over the data. But when creating the array they are essentially re-format, which will wipe the data off the drives.
  6. Always backup your data no matter what, treat your devices like there going to fail tomorrow

    RAID1 does not protect against virus's, deletion, or corruption -- it mirrors it

    Also always do this kind of thing correctly, dont half ass it -- set it up from the ground up, yes that involves the disks being wiped
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    As you already saw, raid1 is not as easy as it sounds and in most cases of no use for a desktop. You may thing - as all other here trying to setup raid1 - it will prtect your data in case of a hdd failing. That is only partially true! To get your data back, you need a spare hdd to restore the raid1 or to copy the data from the degraded raid1 to it. With your 3Tb hdd in mind, i would recommend a frequent backup to the new disk. The free SyncToy2.1 from Microsoft does a good job on that.
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