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650 Sea sonic enough?

Will this seasonic be enough?
I will be building a new system with the following specs

2X 4GB DDR3 Ram
Sandy Bridge 2500K- Will overclock
2 X 460GTX 1GB
5 Fans
1 X 1TB 7200 HD

Thats it i think if you need more info let me know
Thank You!!
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  1. I saw that but i have read that Neweggs calculator over calculates. i punched the specs into multiple sites and most came up right around 600 so i posted this to see if anyone had any better insight
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    Newegg PSU calculator is crap.. The X-650 is enough to handle your rig..
  3. k thanks that was what i was thinking it was saying the rig i was settin up was going to consume 180 w more then like every other calculator i used.
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  5. ^ spammers...moderators should take a note of this!
  6. Seasonic makes really good PSUs. I ran video cards that recommended a fair amount more wattage than the Seasonic PSU I had with no hiccups at all. They put decent current on their 12v rails and understimate specs compared to other manufacturers (or often rebranders).
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