Need help assembling new pc

Guys,Im upgrading from pentium D 930(finally) need a new procy,mobo,RAM,power supply and graphic card
Imnot planning to spend here's my decided config:

AMD Athlon II X4 635
Asus M4A87TD mobo
Transcend 2GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz C9
450watt PSU

My questions are as follows:
1. is a 450 watt enuf?
2.I have a 19 inch LCD(1440X900)....previously had a XFX 8600gt 512 DDR3card. Looking for a new card......which is better 9600gt/GT 240 DDR5/5570 DDR5...will I get a good enuf upgrade from my 8600GT
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  1. 1. 450 will be enough depending on the video card you choose. The ones you have chosen are somewhat low end so I think it would be fine.

    2. Those cards are some what low end.. Since that is the case I'm assuming your not a gamer? because if you are you should spend just $25 more and get this:
  2. Can't you get Phenom II X6 or x4 at least??
    That would make your system last longer...

    As for graphic card, you can upgrade it later...
    For now, your 8600GT DDR3 is enough for your low resolution.
  3. well I heard that athlon and phenom are basically the same except for the extra L3 cache in the phenom.....most benchmark show an improvement of upto 5% I right?
  4. and abt the graphic card....Im a moderate gamer...I know I dont have the hardware to brag...but have got the heart :-) so shud I wait till maybe december wen the new graphic chipsets are launched
  5. IMO, if you want to game at least decently, a 9800GT or a GTS250 (lower power on the GTS) would be better, or go with ATI 5750 like dark_lord69 linked, which has the added benifit of DX11 support.

    Although, 450W PSU is only good if it's a quality one. Do you know the brand? (open the case up to check)

    EDIT: I should mention that you should also seriously consider a 2x2gb RAM set. I use about 870mb RAM just having Windows 7 running, and I've had games eat up 2-3gbs on top of that.
  6. Yeah, I would try and save up for something more in the HD4850/GTS 250/HD5750 performance area. You may want to go for an Athlon II x3 and just unlock the 4th core to save some money to put towards a better card. That motherboard does let you unlock cores and the success rate on the Athlon II x3 chips is supposed to be very high(80-90%)
  7. I got my system.....athlon II x4 630,msi 785gm-e51 mobo, corsair 2 GB ddr3 1333mhz (for now), 450 W zebronics power supply, Galaxy 9800GT 1GB(no separate power)

    I got a good deal on the 9800gt so went for it....the dx11 cards cost a premium and I didnt find their performance worth the price.....for eg the 5670 was almost Rs 3.5k more than the 9800gt and the benchmarks show 9800gt outperform the 5670 at dx10 games

    my config is decent enuf rite?
  8. ok 1 more the performance of the low power 9800gt less than tht of the original 9800gt???

    is it too much of a diff? or negligible.....pls reply I worried I made a booboo
  9. ok I read a lil on the net.....seems tht the performance isnt much less than the original 9800gt...the low power is underclocked by 50Mhz(600 to 550).... shud I overclk it to 600mhz??
  10. Yes, the low power 9800GT is underclocked from 600mhz to 550mhz. While you can indeed overclock the card back up to 600mhz I don't know why you would stop there. OC the card to the limit of what it can handle.
  11. ok guys just 1 last much of a performance difference will I get with the low power 9800gt vs the standard 9800gt??
    and can I overcome tht margin by overclocking???
    pls reply
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    At stock it will be about 10% slower but yes, as I said you can put it back up to and past normal speeds.
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