Imac 27inch i5 or custom pc

Can't believe I'm actuaqlly asking this question, but been contemplating getting the 27inch imac i5.
I currently have a custom i7 950 rig on order in a HAF X case,6GB PC16000, Asus P6X58D-E, 10x bluray, 2x1.5TB hardrive in raid 1, Nvidia GTX460 2GB with Windows 7 64 bit and Office 2010.
However, with 2 small kids running around, my gaming days are a distant dream, and I think the rig I have ordered is a bit of overkill, and isn't the most attractive pc in the world, but needed a big case for the airflow
When I factor in the cost of the 27inch screen on the imac ( nearest comparison is the DELL ultrasharp U2711 at £750), then the mac becomes good value, and is comparable in price to a windows equivalent pc.
Couple of things I need it for.
1) My kids are slowly destroying mu DVD and blu ray collection and so I want to rip them onto my pc, and then keep them on a server which I can then stream around the house(had cat 5 cable put in the walls when doing a refurb)and
2) My wife is an accountand and needs Office
3) General storage of photo's and home movies recorded in AVCHD, which I hear imovie is good at

Now, I know Mac's don't suppport bluray, but can you rip using an external drive? and is office for mac the same as windows office(are they fully compatible).
I like the imac for the screen and the simplicity of an all in one that looks good, and the value(didn't think I'd ever say that). however I know nothing of mac's or mac OS. Anyone have both and any thoughts...
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  2. The mac is a great home computer. the MAC OS has a bit of a learning curve as it has a different philosophy than windows (mostly that the end user really doesn't want to know what's going on in the background). But its as solid an all-in-one there is.
  3. Thanks for that. I managed to speak with someone who is a lot more knowledgeable than me, and runs both mac and pc at home. He basically said for business he's with the pc, for more personal computing, he prefers the mac, to the extent now he's transfering more and more of his home content off his pc's and only a mac with timecapsule as his backup.
    So I'm going to take the plunge into the unknown and go with the imac.

    thxs for your help
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