Warning vcore voltage message popping up !

Hello all, I hope that someone can help... this is all new to me

The spec of the machine in question is:

Motherboard: Asus mATX P7H55-M/USB3
Processor: Icore 5 760 2.80GHz
Graphics Card: GF GT220 1GB PCI-E 2.0 HDMI
Hard disk: Western Digital 1TB Sata 7200
PSU: 600W Gold PSU 12cm 24 pin 600U
Optical: LG DVDRW
Case: Antec 300
Windows Home Premium 64bit

I have bolted everything together. I have installed Windows. I then for starters put in the motherboard disk and loaded everything (knowing that as soon as I had internet connection I would check for updates), I also loaded an Asus utility called "Express Gate" (??). I have rebooted the machine (twice on it's request). Now (and I shut the machine down straight away), a big warning message keeps popping up on the bottom right hand side of the screen when I am in Windows saying:
VCore Voltage .800V

Is this good / bad - I have no idea what to do.

All help much appreciated
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  1. Just make one thing sure in the BIOS just check that the voltage controllers are set to auto make sure there are no manual voltage entries. As for the correct VCORE voltage im unsure i know the overlockers in the forums will defiantly know something about it. So maybe also post your question in the CPU Overlocking Forum. One other thing, be a bit careful when it comes to listening to software applications telling you to be careful i have found on plenty of occasions they are wrong, there mite be bit of an issue with the Asus utility, as i say again i can not be sure.

    Hi SGBC


    I have found it this has been asked in toms forum before, here are the correct v-core ratings, it should be 1.2 Vcore voltage from what i gather. =)

    so what i recommend is go into bios check the reading if it is already 1.2 or there about's then leave it and uninstall that Asus app as it is stuffed! =)

    otherwise if not manually adjust the core settings to 1.1 to be safe for now.

    Hope i've helped you here.
  2. Can you post a screenshot of the message? It doesn't seem like this should be a big deal. If your system is idling it could easily be using a Vcore of .8. Also, download and run CPU-Z. Have it up in the screenshot you attach.
  3. Sorry my mistake for power-loading and CPU optimization (OC) this should be around 1.2V otherwise 0.8 is fine.
  4. Thank you both ...

    I have just installed cpu-z - here is the picture (I hope!).

    The warning message is almost constantly popping up - really annoying. I forgot to check the Bios and now it is helpfully installing 31 updates - so I will double check the bios when it is done and post back.

    Do you think that the message is being produced by one of the endless bits of software that I installed last night ?

    Am I right in thinking that a VCore of .800v is nothing to concern myself about - is it considered low - is it reporting it because it might power itself off ? As you can see a complete newbie ! 20 years of software - no hardware !

    If it is not going to cause damage to the hardware and it's software I don't need, I'm not averse to just reloading windows and just putting the ethernet drivers on (which was all that Device Manager wanted)

    All your advice much appreciated.

  5. Yes you are correct in saying not to stress yourself, the voltage regulation is fine, and will run sufficiently, just uninstall the Asus software or remove it from start up applications in msconfig.
  6. Hi Pilk

    Thank you ! Uninstalled and all fine ! Thank you for your patience - my knowledge has increased 100 fold - which was the purpose of the build in the first place !

    sgbc :)
  7. One other key: In the picture you attached, check out your Core Speed and Multiplier. Those (being low) indicate your system is idling. Since it is idling you would expect Vcore right where you're seeing it. Any idea what the software was that was popping up that message? Can't say I've run across it before - it sounds like it's more trouble than it's worth.
  8. Hi SGBC

    Its only a pleasure not a hassle glad i could help out, also if you do start overclocking and the likes thats when you will need to increase you v-core and other voltages on the motherboard.

    Kindest Regards Rob.'
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