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So, I am going to be building a new pc, and I am looking for some help with choosing a case, the mobo is not going to be a micro board by the way. I am looking for something with great airflow, would like the case to be around $60 since I am on a tighter budget.
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  1. Take a look at this recent Tom's hardware article on the subject:,2723.html

    Seriously, they cover in depth the exact question you are asking.

    If you can spend $10 more, the HAF 912 is all about high air flow.
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    There are other factors to consider, such as the video card length.

    Best case for under $60....

    HAF 912 comes with three fans and room for more. A good buy at $60 but is $70 after shipping.

    XClio Nighthawk is good at $60 shipped

    Rosewill Challenger is good at $50 shipped:
  3. Im sorry I did not notice an almost exact thread didnt see it while browsing, um, Video card is a PNY GeForce 9800+ GTX, I am liking the HAF 912.
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