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Hello everyone,

I'm planning on building a new desktop pc and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to reuse my old laptop hdd for the os? ( The hard drive currently being used as a back up for files). Sorry if this is a noobish question. I would just like to make sure before I make the decision to buy a new hard drive for my build. Thank you in advance. Also Merry Christmas :)
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    laptop hdd is slooowww 5400 rpm

    you dont want to slow down your great build PC with your slow HDD :) get standard 7200 rpm instead
  2. yeah you can do that run with that for a bit till you can afford 100bucks or so and buy a 128gb ssd boot drive you wont know yourself you'll think you just bought another new computer. 7200rpm drives are hideously slow compared to my ssd 120mb/s vs 500mb/s! i ripped a 160gb wd blue out of a busted 3 year old netbook put it in a usb3 casing to use a portable drive and it still does 80mb/s, so it will get the job done till you can get something better
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