Connected my New HardDrive its not showing up?

Well today for christmas i got a new 1TB HardDrive :D I was so exited so i connected it to my pc and turned my pc on ^_^ When i went to My Computer to see the new hard drive i saw it wasnt there? And i became worried so i looked up videos online... These videos told me that sometimes they dont show up due to the fact of the Drive not being assigned a letter... so i went to disk management and i assigned it to letter G:. After i finished that i went back to My Computer and the HardDrive still didnt appear :( I then went back to disk management to check the drive again and this time the drive was no where to be found?!?! Can someone help me?
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  1. If you cant see the drive in Disk Management (Assuming you were in the right place. That is to say, Right-click Computer and select Manage and then go to Disk Management.), try restarting the computer. Then check again, you should see it now (Hopefully). Then, check to see whether the disk is partitioned. At the bottom of the screen you should see all the blue primary partitions, if there is a slightly grayish, blackish section that means the disk isn't partitioned. Right-click that and select create new simple volume and follow the setup and be sure to tick the option to format the disk as well. If the disk is partitioned, check to see if it has been formatted. That can be seen under the disk list. If it says RAW, then it needs to be formatted to NTFS.

    Best of luck to you man! I recently struggled all night to get an SSD set up!
  2. Just don't confuse all the empty USB ports with unformatted disks. You probably won't just making sure. :)
  3. Thanks for the Reply ^_^ I did restart my pc but it still did not show... i also opened my pc and swhiched the sata port and still no show :(
  4. Did you check if there is an unallocated partition in the disk manager?
  5. Yes i did but there isnt :( No hard drive is showing up... it became defective because i made a volume and after i did that the Drive disappeared and now the drive is making a cliking noise every 1 second,
  6. Does the hard drive show up in the bios? Is it an external usb HDD or an internal?
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