Can a faulty HDD damage other hardware such as montherboard, ram ... ?

Long story short, I have procured a "new" computer because my current one is half fried due to bad PSU ... the new computer however has no HDD in it and I was going to buy an SSD but due to holidays i cannot because most stores are closed and those that are open dont have what im looking for and they wont stock up again until next month. I can't wait that long as i need this computer for work ASAP. My current system is bearly working so I decided to move the current half fried hdd (has a lot of bad sectors, infact i cant use 800 GB out of 1TB due to it) but I want to be sure that this faulty HDD wont damage anything else in my computer ... so ... any help would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance.
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  1. it will not harm your new computer

    but you cant just plug it in and run . You will need to format the drive and reinstall windows , then add the drivers for the motherboard .
    If you dont have a disk then download those first
  2. Outlander_04, yeah i know, I know quite a bit software related, did work at an assistance point or how do you call em in english but when it comes to hardware there are a few things i still dont know ... Anyhow glad to hear that it wont damage anything in it ... I shall start installing it then

    Thank you and i wish you merry xmas !!
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