How to recover RAW sd card which is RAW file system

Kodak 2 Gb Sd Card Recovery Issues

hi am in very serious problem my SD card cannot work. It was working just fine before, but after shoots some pictures i connect the card to my computer with card reader , my computer prompts me telling me I need to format the disc. It then opens a window saying the following :

Capacity : Unknown Capacity (this is the only option)

File System : NTFS, FAT Default, exFAT

Allocation Unit Size : Default allocation size (this only changes when choosing NTSC or exFAT.

But upon attempting to format (under any set of options) it just tells me 'windows was not able to format the card

Attempting to do so in CMD only gives me an "Cyclic redundancy check' error

Currently, the computer is reading the card as being in "RAW" format. It can't read how much of it is being used or unused. In disk management, the whole drive reads off as 1790.86 GB of Unallocated space.

in my card very important data how to recover it
So please help me and tell me...what do?
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