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AMD955BE or 945 for ASUS M4A88TD M-EVO/USB3

Iam confusion with my new motherboard - ASUS M4A88TD M-EVO/USB3 for compatible AMD Processor.I am looking for AMD Phenom2 X4 955 BE. But from AMD webside (Processor and motherboard competeable- Phenom™ II X4&f2=945&f3=C2&f4=AMD&f5=880G&f6=Asus&f7=uATX&f8=125.000&) said the AMD Phenom2 X4 945 compatible for this motherboard. Now, which Processor I will buy -AMD 955BE OR 945 ? Please inform me if I go for AMD955BE what problem may arise?
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  1. I'd recommend going Phenom II X4 945, just to be on the safe side.
  2. Go for the 955, I've got that same board (ok the not evo version but they are basically identical) with the 965BE and it works flawlessly.

    The 955 is also a Black Edition, (hence 955BE), which means it has an unlocked multiplier, allowing for easy overclocking without affecting the FSB, which affects other components.

    it will work with the 955, thats absolutely nothing for you to worry about mate!

    Hope this helps.

    BA plz

    Cheerz :sol:
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    After BIOS 1012, your mobo : ASUS M4A88TD M-EVO/USB3 : can support any processor between, a Phenom II x2 to an x6 and your desired processor is a AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz - well within the cpu specs of mobo.

    Go here - click on CPU support list and scroll down to find your CPU - model number : HDZ955FBK4DGI aka HDZ955FBGI (verification)
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  5. Thank YOU for the vote! lets me know how your build goes along :) - PM me!
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