Xbox live not working with windows 7

my xbox 360 game want connect to others players since i changed to windows 7 with my linksys router
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  1. ummm what?

    maybe its unpluged?

    i don't see how switching over to win 7 will effect you router to connecting to xbox live
  2. it did idk it was working fine with vista but every time i go to play the call of duty game it want connect to any people. xbox live is runnig it just wnt find any other players
  3. it did im not sure since i changed over from vista, xbox live is running but it wasnt connect to any other players im stuck.....
  4. Check the firewall and port forward settings on your router (or put the xbox in a DMZ).
  5. how do i do that i think i have already done the port forwarding because i called linksys and they walked me through it but what is DMZ and should i turn the spi firwall off
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