What should I get for $700


Here is my system info.

CPU INTEL|C2Q Q9550 2.83 775 12M R
8 gigs of ram.
Dead 4870X2

Should I buy a 5970, or crossfire 2 less expensive cards?

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  1. For $700 the HD 5970 is your best bet.
  2. your board supports SLI no?

    in which case, you could get 2 GTX460s, which would cost half as much but offer almost the same performance.
  3. welshmousepk said:
    your board supports SLI no?

    No, X48 chipset is Xfire only.
  4. ah sorry, my bad.

    then yeah, a 5970 would be the best option.
  5. the hd 5970 is obsolete you wont need that power get hd 5870 and your set hd 5970 is dual version of rv870 ( hd 5870 ) so hd 5870 would be good choise for massive performance and budget in your case and in the future you could xfire it with another card
  6. Johnny, that makes no sense. do you even know what the word 'obsolete' means?
  7. welshmousepk said:
    Johnny, that makes no sense. do you even know what the word 'obsolete' means?

    sorry im not that good in english i meant by 'obsolete' is too much the hd 5870 can max any game settings you wont need the hd 5970 for today games i guess
  8. not true. depending on the resolution of the monitor, the 5870 might not max all settings. if youre using 1920x1080 or higher, you will notice a difference in fps.
  9. I had a 5870, and it did VERY well on my 1680x1050 display. It would not max ALL games. I believe Crysis and FarCry2 it did not. Bad Company 2 dipped in FPS on few occasions with VSYNC on. But do you REALLY need to max everything? I now have a 5970 and It does max everything, but really it is not needed unless you want to pay for it, I kind of fell into my 5970 as a replacement for an RMA'ed 5870. A 5870 will give you around the same performance, depending on game, of your old 4870x2. A 5970 may be a logical upgrade if you are willing to pay for it and want an upgrade.

    A GTX would be less expensive, but still give you great performance. You could just never SLI on your board.
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