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After many searches that have turned up nothing i found this

the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz, I have a dell dimension C521(slimline), would this work with it and make for good gaming (I ALREADY HAVE A 9600GT/PWR SUPPLY)
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  1. That CPU is deactivated. Not sold anymore.

    I would recommend looking for something else.
  2. Quote:
    that would work but there are better options available since you have the upgraded power supply:
    1.) brisbane class 5800+ (3.0Ghz), rated better than the 3.1GHz chip # ADO5800IAA5DO

    2.) brisbane class 6000+ (3.1GHz), highest clocked chip # ADV6000IAA5DO

    3.) brisbane class 5600+ (2.9Ghz), the best 65watt cpu athlon 64x2 they made # ADO5600IAA5DO

    UPGRADE BIOS to 1.1.11 with your old processor then upgrade to the new and your done.
    to update BIOS first.
    get BIOS it is on Dell site and you should know it's runs well from in windows, no need to try to flash BIOS on start-up.
    so download from Dell and run it once you save it to your desktop. run from within windows..
    unplug all USB devices except for mouse and keyboard if they are USB keep them plugged in. run the BIOS.
    it will reboot and your done...

    go back into case with a phillips screwdriver and unscrew the two retention screws that secure heatsink.
    carefully pull up and out as you will see round hinges on the other side from the now removed screws.
    remove heatsink and put aside, now to the cpu socket, lift metal lever on side to release cpu lock.
    if using your hands and not some 'grapple' type device, put your thumb at the bottom and another finger at top and lift up at the same time,
    you do not want to chance bending pins just in case.
    with new cpu, make sure you line up the four indents within the bottom of the cpu with the indents in the socket, only then it will have a secure fit
    and work properly. once in lower the locking lever and grab the heatsink.
    with a now clean heatsink and freshly applied thermal compound (i use spread technique and not pin drop method), re-install heatsink with
    round hinges going in first, line it up and re-insert and tighten screws. you might have to move the heatsink around to line-up screws but don't worry
    about touching it, no damage will be done. tighten up screws, reconnect all cables and power lines, double check fan connection.
    close case, plug her up and boot.

    WOW! VERY DETAILED!!!!!!!!! GREAT! OK I found that my local computer parts store carries the thermal grease (I called them up asked "whats the best thermal grease you have" and guess what he said? "ARCTIC SILVER 5" < that put a huge smile on my face :D) anyway, I'm gonna go with the 5800 and follow all of your directions really detailed and great. THANKS!
  3. You are the Man!
    You know I wonder if you keep a MSWord folder with replies for Dell 521,Dell 4700 and Dell GX280 cpu upgrade questions and just copy and paste them..... :D
  4. Do I have to downgrade my BIOS to 1.1.11? cause right now I have 1.1.6 and am I going to run into issues with installing the 5800 like others have?
  5. Quote:
    i just get them from older posts and then update them....;)

    my Dell unit I call my 'daily driver'; nothing special just a slightly older media friendly unit for 'daily crap'.. I have 2 similar models.

    Athlon 64x2 6000+ (3.1GHz) Brisbane
    E521 (modified) / Foxconn / Dell UW457
    Noctua NH-U9B cpu cooler - AS5 thermal compound
    4GB (2x2GB) Elpida DDR2 800MHz CL5 - 5-5-5-18
    PNY nVidia GT240 - 512MB DDR5/HDMI
    2 - Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA 3.0Gb/s = 240GB
    5.25in twin fan case cooler / 3.5in card reader
    2 (set) - Dell 1905FP monitors

    That is a good solid build all HQ stuff.
    I love having a dual display myself. Much more productive.Plus just cool to showoff.
    I just bought a HP G61-511WM laptop with AMD Sempron M100 2.0ghz single core plus
    250gb sata II HD,DVd-rw DL Lightscribe, 3gb DDR2-800,ATI HD4200 IGP with 128mb sideport ram up to 1500 shared, HD widescreen for 175 cash.
    Just needed an OS and has a Win7 Premium COA.Grabbed an OEM disk and works sweet.
    I love Craigslist and people who mess up their computers LOL
    What do you think of those specs for a 9y old to use until High School for schoolwork,flash games,light games and browsing?
    I dont mean to hijack this thread so PM me if you want to,

    To the OP listen well to Malmental for he is wise in the ways of the Force young Jedi.
  6. To the Original Poster
    It is a nice thing to do to pick a Best Answer (will see check box under replies)
    Whoever gave the answer will get points and so will you.
    It is a good thing.
  7. Best answer selected by YoYoMan49235.
  8. ok there selected best answer, but what about my post above about the BIOS?
  9. o.0 It didn't get posted... well here it is... Do I NEED to downgrade my BIOS from 1.1.6 to 1.1.11? On another forums (double the chance to find a good answer, right?) The guy is said "The C521, the board is a Dell Proprietary board and not designed to handle the load, in the later models they offered a x2 6000 but the board was a different part numer and it still didn't last." and "Never had anything past the 5600 work correctly on a C521 let us how it works out. " so naturally I'm still a little worried, and what are the chances that Installing the new CPU won't work?
  10. really? oh I feel stupid now... well anyways after I update BIOS I turn it off pop it in and run and it should work?
  11. really? thats bawss! I'll post in a week or so if it worked or not :D
  12. it worked! and i can run any game! THANKS SO MUCH! :D :D :D :D :D
  13. yoyoman49235 said:
    it worked! and i can run any game! THANKS SO MUCH! :D :D :D :D :D

    You were smart to listen to Malmental
    He is like never wrong
    Shh dont tell him but I am on a mission to catch him in a mistake
    Been trying for months :D
    I hope you stay on the forums
    THG is a great place to learn
    and get a good laugh once in a while...
    BTW If you post a picture (avatar) you get points and also if you comment on Toms articles
    you get points and badges
    It makes me feel like I am in the Boy Scouts again....
  14. The op said they were going with the 5800
    Plus he has a 9600gt
    good multimedia and light gaming rig
    If he is a serious gamer he will need to upgrade from the 9600gt
    Everything I seen says to go with the 5670 low profile (slimline tower)
    Just researched low profile cards and that is supposed to be the best
  15. naw im contempts :P buuut yea im playin new vegas full frames per second and loving it, and darksiders too. I love it :D
  16. yoyoman49235 said:
    naw im contempts :P buuut yea im playin new vegas full frames per second and loving it, and darksiders too. I love it :D

    I hope I wasnt insulting
    I am glad it works good
    I was just saying your next upgrade in the future would be the video card
    if your heavily into games
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